South Island Of New Zealand

South Island Of New Zealand

The South Island is one of the two main islands in New Zealand. You can travel from anywhere in New Zealand to the South Island, except for the North Island, which is located to the west. South Island Of New Zealand สล็อตเว็บตรง

Most people, including myself, will recommend that you should not try to travel the South Island in September and October. That is when an outbreak of whooping cough sickness ( tertiary fever) affects a lot of people, and you need to stay indoors and not get outdoors. The peak periods are the summer months of June and August. Everything is busy with a lot of people arriving to sightsee, shop, visit resorts and hotels, open businesses, etc.

I have traveled to the South Island three times, and I have visited a lot of places on the island. I have a lot of good memories, both good and bad. Some of my best are from family visits when I was a child in the 50’s and 60’s. Lots of those trips were land trips. อาชีพเจ้าหน้าที่ตำรวจ

The South Island is not really a holiday destination. It is a place for working professionals with families and a lot of children. Only off season you will find a lot of tourists. I have found that if you plan your itinerary around the odd month like September or October, you might be able to get a lot cheaper airfare. I have also found that when school breaks are in the South Island, a lot of businesses shut down rather than have a staff to look after those numbers.

The highlight of my South Island trip was crossing the South and North Shore beaches using the slip road which has a gated access. Being a poor driver myself, this took some getting used to but we did not encounter any problems. Our hotel was right on some jetty right off the beach. One of the best beaches we have seen is mentally by some seaside village called ” Touchstone”. We also stayed at the North Shore resort another lovely hotel with some good amenities. Each of these hotels had definite tourist traps that were not checked into by the staff. What you do is get a verbatim recording of what the hotel has to offer. Afterwards, there is a nice little cafe in the hotel.

The advantage of staying in a hotel for the first time, is you get a thermal bath and some lovely walks to go. We were not into town enough to do a lot of shopping, but it was nice to get out of thehotelusually around dusk, and take a walk around the very developed seaside strip near the gated access to the beach. We also walked to quite a few excellent restaurants, quite a few of themimatedSumatra style. The only disadvantage to this style is the random looks you will get from passers-by as you make your way through the busy town. We did not meet any fellow travelers so we will not say for sure how we felt about being in town at 5AM. But it was nice to see a few faces we didn’t know in the shops and restaurants. We also were bypassed by a few walkers when we got back to our room. We talked to a few natives and a widow named Rosemarie came in and had an interesting chat with us for a bit. She couldn’t believe we were there and said she had seen us on TV and always wanted to come down to the coast. We also discussed the region and what an amazing place it was. We love it for sure.

South Island Of New Zealand